Part 2: When He Doesn’t Like You Back

“Look good, feel good, do good.”  That quote was my inspiration to gaining back confidence after my little “thing” with Calculus Boy.  I wanted to stop beating myself up over everything I’d done.  I wanted to stop being nervous every time I saw him.  I wanted to be the best version of myself.  I wanted to be confident.

So I tackled the basics, the exterior,  first.  Below are the three things I did that made me look (and eventually feel) my best.

1. I went out and bought lace underwear.  Wearing pretty things underneath your clothes gives you a secret, a confidence boost, a little pep in your step.  And if the underwear coordinates with your outfit, life gets even better.


2. I got a hair cut.  I had wanted to get bangs and layers for a while, but kept putting it off.  However, a flattering, new hair cut is very conducive to feeling your best.  Not only will a cute style make you look good, the newness of it will help you mentally start over with whatever circumstance you’re facing.  In my case, starting a friendship instead of a relationship with Calculus Boy.

3. I bought myself some flattering shorts.  I’m not saying to buy shorts every time you have a crisis; they wouldn’t be very helpful in the cool seasons of fall or winter.  But do treat yourself to an attractive piece of clothing.  It could be a good pair of skinny jeans, some red high heels, or a hot leather jacket.  Whatever makes you look your best!

Keep in mind that I did all of these things away from college by leaving Baylor for a weekend and visiting my aunt in Alabama.  Having a new and uninvolved perspective from someone I trusted was incredibly helpful in starting fresh.

The next week I went back to college with a sassy hair cut, new shorts, and lace underwear.  Obviously, such materialistic things didn’t completely eliminate my nerves.  But I did feel slightly better, especially when my friends started to compliment my new look.

Life went on and things eventually got easier.  I became myself again; I started feeling better and doing things to get ahead in life, to chase my dreams.  Calculus Boy and I became close friends and helped each other pass the class by having study sessions.  A few months later, we both entered into relationships with other people.  After I started dating Patrick, I could see that while Calculus Boy was never meant for me, he taught me valuable lessons.  He taught me to be myself.  He taught me to persevere in a hard college course.  He taught me to not let life’s circumstances rule my confidence.

Thank you, Calculus Boy.  I know you’ll probably never read my blog, but I’m so grateful for our friendship and all the important things you taught me.

Readers, don’t give up!  If you’re going through a hard time, know that there is an end.  There will be a time where you figure out why things happen.  There will be a time when you can appreciate the heartbreak or the disappointment.

In the meantime, I’m always here if you need a little pep talk.  Don’t hesitate to shoot me an email!